Individual Magnetic Bumper Sticker ONLY

Sale price $ 1.03 Regular price $ 13.98
Individual Magnetic Bumper Sticker ONLY

Advertise FAIRtax on the move!  Can be used on any automobile, car, truck, van, sedan or any other metal surfaces and are perfect for outdoor applications – getting your message to the public on a daily basis. Rectangle shape magnet is water repellent, fade resistant and outdoor safe. Each  magnet will stay where you put it, but will also peel off when you need to remove it.  TO PROTECT YOUR VEHICLE FINISH PLEASE  REMOVE AND CLEAN YOUR VEHICLE AND MAGNET SURFACES  AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK.  9" W x 4" H.  The pricing includes the bumper sticker plus shipping/handling (CIF) to the contiguous States. Applicable State sales tax will be added at checkout.  Order by top EACH quantity drop down only - do not change bottom quantity drop down from 1.  Priced as follows:

Each Ordered             Unit Cost              Total CIF
1                                     $.64                         $2.06

2                                     $1.29                       $3.55

3                                     $1.92                       $5.77

4                                     $2.56                       $7.27

5                                     $3.20                       $9.01

6                                     $3.84                       $10.52

7                                     $4.48                       $12.24

8                                     $5.12                       $13.98



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